Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BLT Essential Question Where do Oliver, Victorian society, and our world collide?

BLB Essential Question What are the main differences between Rationalism and Romanticism?

In the World Today . . .

Chechen Rebels Beleived to Be Behind Moscow Metro Bombings


A Stockbroker and a Chef Steal Lizards, Receive Prison Sentence in New Zealand


Rapper Ludacris now Working for U.S. Census, Could be Knocking on your Door


Elderly NY Couple Busted for Complex Jell-o Plot




cont. Oliver Twist

10. Who is Fagin? What does Fagin teach Oliver?

 11. Who are Bet and Nancy? 

12. Who feels compassion for Oliver and takes him to Pentonville? 

13. Why do Bill Sikes and Nancy track Oliver down?

14. How are Nancy and Bill Sikes associated with Fagin?



Epigram Hand out  – Kurt Vonnegut

Rationalism vs. Romanticism Quiz

“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”


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